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National Storytelling Network's
2001 Lifetime Achievement Award

On July 14th, 2001, at the 2001 Oracle Awards Ceremony, the National Storytelling Network posthumously awarded their 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award to Gamble Rogers. The award was accepted by his daughter, Lyn Rogers Lacey. Her remarks upon accepting the award were:

Back in Oklawaha County, Agamemnon Jones, Still Bill, and friends continue thier legacy of philosophical humor. This beloved class of characters was born in the inventive imagination and childhood experience of my father, Gamble Rogers. His stories still make us laugh heartily as well as reflect deeply on the greater good in our lives. He would be so honored by this Lifetime Achievement Award for it would once again confirm his steadfast belief in the high calling of storytelling and the wisdom of pursuing good causes.

Gamble was nominated for this award by storyteller Jim May, whose nomination letter is reproduced in full below.

To The Awards Committe,

It is an honor to support Gamble Rogers' nomination for the NSN Lifetime Achievement Award. He is the most deserving of candidates. In the time that I have had an association with NAPPS, I can think of no one whose influence on other storytellers has been more profound. In terms of style alone he is deserving. I do not think there is a storyteller who heard him who does not have at least some small image, sound, inflection, or muscle memory of Gamble echoing in his or her own work. Add to that the dignified humanity that he brought to his work and to all that came into contact with him, and he takes his place as not only an extraordinary man, but as close to a legend as we have.

I love the idea that the awards committe and NSN in general should be the "deep memory" of the storytelling movement. Awarding Gamble the first posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award would be a great way to initiate that commitment and duty.

With Gratitude,
Jim May

The National Storytelling Network describes the award as follows:

This award is given to those members of the National Storytelling Network who have demonstrated meritorious service to the organization and to the community of storytellers at large, and whose work has expanded public awareness of the art of storytelling by virtue of their preservation of traditional art forms or the significant originality of their body of work.

You can read more about this award at the NSN website.

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