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Gamble Rogers / Oklawaha County Laissez-Faire(OK1004)

  1. Orange Blossom Special (Beginning) 2:04
    James Gamble Rogers Ⅳ copyrightMCA Music Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)

  2. The Philosophers 2:26
    Robert Lunn & William York copyrightTrio Music Co., Inc. (BMI) / Fort Knox Music (BMI). James Gamble Rogers ⅣcopyrightJames Gamble Rogers Ⅳ (BMI).

  3. Nine Pound Hammer 6:11
    Merle Travis © Unichappell Music Inc. / Elvis Presley Music (BMI). James Gamble Rogers Ⅳ copyrightJames Gamble Rogers Ⅳ (BMI).

  4. Dogs & Dawgs 3:53
    James Gamble Rogers copyrightJames Gamble Rogers Ⅳ (BMI).

  5. Cape Canaveral Talking Blues 5:00
    James Gamble Rogers Ⅳ copyrightSteady Arm Music (BMI).

  6. Two Little Boys 3:33
    Corbett, Craig, Ham, Shaw & Shaw copyrightChappell & Co. (ASCAP).

  7. Saturday Afternoon 5:07
    James Gamble Rogers Ⅳ copyrightSteady Arm Music (BMI).

  8. The Terminal Tavern 7:20
    James Gamble Rogers Ⅳ copyrightSteady Arm Music (BMI).

  9. Penrod & Elfrieda 6:28
    Smith, Snyder, Wheeler © Jerry Vogel Music Co., Inc. (ASCAP). Vejvoda, Timm, Zeman, Brown © Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc. (ASCAP). James Gamble Rogers Ⅳ copyrightSteady Arm Music (BMI).

  10. Orange Blossom Special (Finale) 3:13
    Irvin Rouse copyright MCA Music Publishing Inc. (ASCAP).

Produced by Robin McBride for Bird Productions with Gamble Rogers
Released by the Gamble Rogers Memorial Foundation, Inc.
1996 Oklawaha Records. All Rights Reserved.

© Steady Arm Music.